What are keyboard positions of alternative letters?

Schools, Teachers, Parents version fonts
There are several alternates listed below. They are in the same position whichever Sassoon (Education version) font you use...
G = Alt+062
I = Alt+0123
J = Alt+0125
& = Alt+035
f = Alt+0137
k = Alt+0135
q = Alt+060
t = Alt+0124 (US versions only)
4 = Alt+0134
9 = Alt+0167

Others are Welsh:
W dieresis = Alt+0164
w dieresis = Alt+0181
W circumflex = Alt+0170
w circumflex = Alt+0186
Y circumflex = Alt+0161
y circumflex = Alt+0191
Mac OS
G = option(or alt) shift period
I (with hat) = left brace {
J (with hat) = right brace }
& = option(or alt) 3
f = option (or alt) shift e
k = option (or alt) shift 7
q = shift comma
t = bar (US versions only)
4 = option(or alt) t
9 = option (or alt) 6

Others are Welsh
W dieresis = option (or alt) shift 2
w dieresis = option (or alt) m
W circumflex = option (or alt) 9
w circumflex = option (or alt) 0
Y circumflex = option (or alt) 1
y circumflex = option (or alt) shift /

Publishers and Designers version fonts

The Standard fonts recommended for Designers and Publishers have characters in all the standard keyboard positions. The alternative letters are contained in separate Alts fonts at no extra charge. Alternative letters are located in the following normal positions. All other slots are blank or have X in the slots.
G I J & f k q 4 9

W dieresis
w dieresis
W circumflex
w circumflex
Y circumflex
y circumflex