The owners of the intellectual property and data of Sassoon® fonts have never licensed them for sale on any auction site anywhere in the world. PLEASE REPORT ANY SIGHTINGS OF ILLEGAL ACTIVITY. Neither have they ever offered any 'free' fonts. Sassoon fonts being offered for free download and/or reselling is illegal. As a result, the owners of these fonts regularly check web sites for illegal selling activity and have successfully sued sellers of pirated Sassoon fonts and will continue to do so in future.

From 29th April 2008, eBay has banned all goods that can be digitally downloaded or transferred electronically from being listed in any format on and This is to prevent bad experiences and preserve the integrity of the Feedback system. While they are a small portion of the marketplace, listings for digital goods often lead to bad experiences for buyers and contribute to a perception that eBay allows unauthorised or illegitimate items to be sold on the marketplace.

Font software is 'licensed' to the purchaser. It remains the property of its copyright owner(s). The licence covers the use of fonts on a number of computers belonging only to the purchaser.

Sassoon fonts should not be downloaded free. Sassoon fonts should always be purchased legally. Whether software is obtained by free download or purchased legally, it is still illegal to distribute outside the terms of the End User Licence Agreement (EULA), which must be physically agreed to by checking a box displayed before all purchases can be made online.

Embedded in all Sassoon fonts, is a copyright notice. This may be viewed in the following ways:
Windows - highlight the font file and click File > Properties.
Macintosh - highlight the font file and click File > Get Info (or Cmd I).
Double-clicking the file to show an alphabet preview also gives access to view info about the font including the copyright notice. Whichever method is chosen, it may appear something like this: Copyright 1988-2008 Dr. Rosemary Sassoon and Adrian Williams Design Ltd, UK. All rights reserved.

So there is absolutely no excuse for inappropriate use.

Sassoon® typefaces were researched and the findings published by the professional handwriting consultant Dr. Rosemary Sassoon and since 1987, in partnership with Adrian Williams a whole range of font products for reading and handwriting education in schools has been developed. They cater for National Literacy Strategy Guidelines used in UK schools. The fonts do not follow the usual family organisation of Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic. Instead, they have been developed specially to teach both reading and handwriting.

Many alternative letters are included with every font.

Research, development and marketing of font software is a professional activity and its practitioners rely on their due rewards. If users wish to continue receiving the benefits from such developments, sightings of ALL pirated font software should be reported to its owners. Every sale of pirated software only serves to force up the price others pay and angers honest users who paid legally for their fonts. It is such users that also report pirated fonts. Such is the following that Sassoon fonts have!

As these fonts were designed for a progressive approach to the teaching of reading and handwriting, there is little merit in obtaining one Sassoon font in isolation, without thought or knowledge of the use for which it was designed. For this reason, authorised vendors carry the complete range of commercial version fonts and have been chosen for their service in supplying support and knowledge of the Sassoon product range.

There are two versions of most Sassoon fonts; one version for full-time educators such as Schools and Teachers has all alternative letters contained within the same font. Accessing alternatives is easier given the standard software available in education sector. For example 'Sassoon Primary Infant' font is the name of the education version.

Another version for commercial users such as Publishers, Designers has alternative letters in a separate font called 'Alts'. This is standard industry practice and the fonts have been made to conform. Publishers and Designers have more sophisticated page layout software that can handle separate fonts more easily. For example 'Sassoon Infant' is the name of the commercial version.

Whichever version is chosen, the same alternatives letters are available. Authorised Distributors include:
  • (Adrian Williams Design Ltd - the original developer of the fonts in collboration with Dr. Rosemary Sassoon. The sole Distributor of Education version fonts for schools, offering 50% discount on most items for full-time educators)
  • (Monotype Imaging Inc - an authorized Distributor of Designers/Publishers version fonts)
  • (Linotype GmbH - an authorised Distributor of Designers/Publishers version fonts)
  • (Fontworks UK Ltd - an authorised Distributor of Designers/Publishers version fonts)
  • (offers the fonts from Linotype through a sub-licence)

The technical support offered for all the products puts users in contact with the developers of the fonts.

OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) also licence Sassoon fonts for use their programs. Users who come across these fonts installed in their computers must also abide by the EULA.

Club Type products by Adrian Williams Design Ltd. Last updated 5 June 2008