Why no dotted joined Sassoon fonts?

By the time Sassoon separate lettered fonts have been used to familiarise pupils with proportions, baseline placement and exit strokes, it is simply a matter of extending those exit strokes to make the letters 'join'.

Moving from separate letters to joined letters, the Sassoon Joiner program and its fonts again offers a progressive approach. First, using the 'Sassoon Unjoined' where separate letters are still necessary. Secondly, the 'Linked' font which shows the separate letters in a solid black, but the joins between, or 'links', are hollow. Thirdly, the 'Sassoon Joined' is a solid black joined-up font that puts it all together. The fourth 'Sassoon Pen' font is a more mature style of joined-up.

So the need for anything 'dotted' to track over is not necessary. This would be an abandonment of the progressive approach. Slavishly tracking over such letters teaches nothing. However, if there are times when a little encouragement is needed to demonstrate joined-up, then just print the solid 'Sassoon Joined' font not as black, but a light enough grey to be written (tracked) over....

'Sassoon Joined' font displayed in grey colour: