I receive an Error message when using the Installer program. Has it worked?

Installer programs are built and tested for use on specific Operating Systems. It is not possible to test Installers with every combination of additional software available as User may also have installed.

If the Installer program produces an error, please do the following:

1. Make a note of the exact error message and quote it in the event you should contact us

2. Although an error message appears, the Installer may have just encountered something unexpected during its progress. In most cases it is completely meaningless. Exit the Installer and check if the install was successful. For example, if fonts should have been installed, launch a text editor such as MS-Word and use the Font menu to check if the fonts appear there for use.

3. Check if the package Folder was installed onto the Hard Disk so a manual install can be done.

In Windows, check Start > All Programs... look for the package name to appear such as "Sassoon Basic fonts".

In Macintosh OS, open Mac HD/Applications/... look for the package nameto appear such as "Sassoon Basic fonts".

This gives access to the package files such as any User Guides and other documents. A copy of the fonts is also stored in a Folder there, to enable a manual installtion of the fonts to be done if necessary.

To install manually, see the FAQ topic:
"Sassoon fonts - installing and uninstalling" for information about your particular Operating System.