Accessing alternative letters from laptop computers

Run 'Word' or any other program you want to use Sassoon fonts with. Create new doc and type some words with 'k' s in them.

Click Start >
All Programs >
Accessories >
Accessibility >
On-Screen keyboard.

Move this panel to one side on top of your Word doc.

Now click back onto your Word document area so that the insertion point is flashing at the point you wish to insert the alternative letter.

From the (now dimmed) On-Screen keyboard...
Select Settings and choose the desired font from the list.
Press nlk (the Number Lock key).
Press alt (only the one to the left of the space bar works for me!),
Press 0135 (or another number higher than 127).
Press Enter.
Keys pressed on the on-screen keyboard paste the letterforms into the Word document.
The spiky k (0135 in Sassoon education font) should now appear in your Word document.
The same routine will work for other Sassoon alternatives or ANY other font.
If you have other custom fonts, these numbers may produce different letterforms.

Having done this once, it may be quicker to save that letter only and any (other alternatives in the Sassoon fonts that may be useful) to a separate Word document. Next time you need to access the alternative k just open your doc and "Copy" the letter instead of going through the On-Screen keyboard routine each time.
Then, to replace the standard k with its alternative you can...

Place the insertion point of the cursor at the beginning of your text
Edit > Replace ALL
Replace what: k
Replace with "Paste"
This will replace EVERY letter k in your document.

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