Sassoon fonts are no longer on my new Operating System. What should I do?

Fonts are System resources, so if you changed your System, and wiped your Hard Disk the fonts will no longer be there (unless you made a copy of them on a removeable disc?)

If you unlocked the fonts from the Sassoon Installer CD, they should have been stored in a Folder with the product item title such as "S002W" on your Hard Disk, so if you still have that Hard Disk, you could conduct a Search to find say item "S002W". Then re-install the fonts.

If you re-initialized your Hard disk (wiped it), the S002 Folder won't be there.

There are two ways to re-install products.

Install the item(s) again using the CD. Versions from 4.1 of the CD are compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac OS Operating Systems. This should be your first option, since you don't need to re-purchase fonts. Just unlock the fonts again and install them in your System. Keep the password(s) safe in case the fonts need to be re-installed again!


Purchase the item(s) again by Internet download.
Since 11 October 2007, CD delivery has not been available.
Consequently, replacement CDs are not longer available.
Download link is now the only method we use for delivery of Products.