S700: Sassoon® Montessori (4 font family)

[Specially designed]
[Specially designed]

The Sassoon® range of typefaces has made a real impact on our understanding of how to make the task of reading and writing easier. The Sassoon project started as research with children, asking them what features of letters and spacing they liked best and was easiest for them to read. This pointed to clear friendly counters and exit strokes to clump the letters together into words. Children chose letters to read that followed the principles of handwritten letters.
The result is a whole range of typefaces for use in different circumstances. Some for reading, some for writing. A special version was made for use in Montessori tactile products. For this starter pack we then created outline and dotted versions specially designed for children's handwriting exercises called 'tracking' (writing inside the outlined letters or over the top of grey letters) helping the practice of movement.
With these fonts, the crucial stages of letter formation are made easier for parents and teachers to produce consistent worksheets. Children should then progress towards an efficient and mature joined-up handwriting.

Theese letterforms are not meant as an exact handwriting model. It is more accurate to describe them as representations of handwritten letterforms.
Item S700 com comprises 4 typefaces:
S701: Sassoon Montessori Regular
S702: Sassoon Montessori Medium
S703: Sassoon Montessori Dotted
S704: Sassoon Montessori Tracker

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[ant] Sassoon's exit strokes form the basis of the joining stroke. They contribute towards an efficient and mature joined-up handwriting.
[ant] Starting points can be added to show the direction of strokes and the letterforms can be reproduced larger and on colour or outline for tracking exercises. Letters up to A4 size can be printed to make a frieze for the wall. All this can be easily done on a computer enabling parents and teachers to develop their own professional-looking handwriting material to suit their chosen policy. Tracking a large type size such as 250 points, is recommended for all 'finger tracking' exercises, which should be done with the forefinger and middle finger held together and the movement should involve the whole arm.
Print the Sassoon Montessori Regular at a comfortable size for reading (24 point). Print Sassoon Montessori Dotted at a larger size (60pt) if letters are to be tracked in pencil. Where there is only one large dot, the pencil does not leave the page until the letter is finished. Where there is more than one large dot, the pencil is lifted and placed on the next large dot.
Use chevrons, arrows or dots inside the Tracker outline letters to indicate how the letter is formed. Using coloured pencils to track is fun and also produces a satisfying result.
(note the use of an alternative k).
Shaded or coloured Sassoon Montessori Medium letters may be used instead of Dotted or Tracker to emphasise consonants or vowels in a moveable alphabet. For example, on sheets of printed card.
Coloured dots can be used to emphasise the starting points of strokes.
Each typeface has the same alternative letters available from the separate 'Alternatives' font.