My school wants teachers to create documents at home with the font. Can we do that legally?

The law concerning correct distribution and use of software can be complex. This real-world example puts it into everyday context.

A school purchased the font(s) for 5 CPUs and wants to use the font off-site.
It is not permitted to take fonts home that are licensed by the school only for its use. That constitutes theft by the teacher and fruad by the school. However, if the school requires others within its organisation to use the font off-site, there is a licence which makes this possible.

Extended End User Licence
The End User Licence Agreement (EULA) can be extended at any time by paying the difference between the existing purchased licence (in this case 5 CPUs) and the new licence price to cover the additional users of CPUs that have the font. The licence covers only Users within the same legal entity, whether an individual, Company, School or other organisation. For example, users may use the font only while in the employ of the school. On leaving that employment, the font must be removed from computers on which it is installed.

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