Installing fonts in Windows Operating System

OpenType fonts are now supported by all the major Operating Systems.

Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000
Click Start > Settings > Control Panel > Fonts

Windows XP or XP Professional
Click Start > Control Panel > Appearance & Themes > Fonts

Windows Vista
Click Start > Control Panel > Appearance & Personalization > Fonts

Now double-click the Fonts folder to open it. All your currently installed fonts are stored here.

Select File > Install New Font...
If the File menu does not appear, press ALT

In the Add Fonts window that appears, click on Drives list to select the Drive on which the fonts are currently stored (usually C).

In the Folders list, double-click to open the Folder in which the fonts are currently stored. When inside the Folder containing the fonts, their names appear in the 'List of fonts' area after a few seconds.

3. Click Select All to select every font, or CONTROL+CLICK to select (highlight) just fonts you require that are not sequential. Once all required fonts are selected click OK button in the Add fonts dialog.

4. Close all windows. If the dialog did not display an error message, your fonts are installed and ready for use in applications. You may Exit the Add fonts dialog by clicking the cross.

Windows 8 to 10
Here are three ways to install fonts:

1. Click Win key and X to display a list of destinations in bottom left corner of screen.

Select Control Panel > Appearance & Personalization > Fonts

This window displays all currently installed fonts.

Now 'Copy' the font files and 'Paste' into the 'Fonts' Folder with Ctrl+V.

2. Drag a font file and drop it into the Fonts Control Panel.

3. Alternatively, double-click or right-click on each font file and choose 'Install' button. If you store the font files on your Hard Drive, you can save space by checking the 'Use Shortcut' option.

Don't use the Shortcut option if installing from an external drive, as when ejected, the original will not be available!