Alternative letters: troubleshooting

On Desktop computer keyboards, the NUM LOCK key must be pressed to activate the light on the keyboard. (Or see our FAQ page for advice on Laptops).

Then press and hold down the Alt key while performing these actions:

From the numbers keypad on the right of the keyboard ONLY, press 0 (ZERO) and let go zero.

Still keeping the Alt key down, press 135 from the numbers keypad (not main keyboard).

Now let go of all keys including Alt.

The spiky k should now appear on screen.

To replace all occurrences of letter throughout your document,
for example; alternative k is Alt+0 135

In MS-Word, select:
Edit > Find/Replace
In the Find field enter "k"
In the Replace with field enter Alt+0+135 and "double dagger" sign will appear.

This is normal because we use this space to store the alternative k on education version fonts.

(Your default font is probably Arial which shows the double dagger in this key position).