Can OEMs embed fonts

Fonts can be included for distribution with your product. However, if included in any way that makes the font editable, there is an extra fee to pay and a Licence Agreement to sign.

Please visit our website if the typefaces required have not yet been chosen. Many graphic examples can be viewed there.

An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) distribution agreement must be signed. A Draft can be sent in PDF form for your consideration, the basics of which are:

Initial minimum period 3 years (negotiable).
Continues unless cancelled.

Quarterly statements by Distributor are covered by return invoice.
If the Distributor would like to base the price on estimated sales, we prefer a one-off upfront payment. Subsequent reports of Distributor sales (quarterly or annually) can then be used to modify the payments accordingly.

Part payable to Adrian Williams Design Ltd.
Part payable to Dr. Rosemary Sassoon.
Payable 30 days net.

The price covers only one font format (unless agreed). TrueType, PostScript, OpenType are different formats, each carrying their own purchase price.

Fonts for inclusion in OEM products must first be purchased at the current standard retail price from our online store.
Purchase of quantities up to 250 CPUs can be selected on the 'Checkout' page. Use this to purchase a Licence for the appropriate number of CPUs on which the fonts will be used within your organisation to develop your OEM product.

Alternatively, World-Wide Licence may be more suitable to your situation. Please contact us for details of the one-time fee, per font for world-wide unlimited, non-exclusive distribution rights.

Based on a percentage of retail sales for your product. Percentage will depend on the quantity sold and whether 'installed' or 'embedded' by the End User. For example, 2% if fonts are installed in the User's Operating System reducing to .25% if fonts are embedded for runtime use only. Other percentage options in between these cater for different quantities.

Fonts are supplied with the following modes of access permission embedded in them to allow different kinds of access by Users. The access mode should reflect the way your Users will install the font and the way they use it (access it) in your program/document.

A list of fonts will be attached to the Agreement. The royalty percentage applies to each 'typeface family' distributed. For example, MyFont Regular and MyFont Bold are two 'fonts' of the same 'typeface family' and would be treated as being one typeface family for the purpose of licensing. However, MyFont Regular and YourFont Bold would be treated as two typeface families and therefore twice the percentage. A font weight can be added to an existing family for no further royalty.
  • MyFont Regular, MyFont Bold = 1 family
  • Myfont Regular, YourFont Medium = 2 families
  • MyFont Regular, MyFont Bold, YourFont Medium = 2 families

Where appropriate, and practical, the Distributor shall display a copyright notice to the effect that Sassoon is a registered trade mark of R. Sassoon & Adrian Williams Design Ltd in UK.

We try to make the admininstration of licence fees as simple as possible. There may be administration charges for setting up a Distribution Licence Agreement.

Please contact us using this form giving as much information as possible. We can then reply with a likely cost to you and advise which option is best. If any details need to be further discussed we can then contact you.