Running Installer programs

Products 'Installers' make copying of files easier for the user and guarantees installation of the files in correct locations. Before installing fonts, please Quit any applications that use a fonts menu. Newly installed fonts will only be available when the application starts up again.

Instructions for Macintosh Users

Most commonly supplied by us to transfer a virtual Disk Image to your computer. Click the link that appears in your email, for the product, or Copy the URL and Paste into a Web Browser.

You may be asked to either 'Open with' or 'Save File'.
Open with offers an application to open the disk image once the file has downloaded to your computer. This example uses Mac OS X 10.9.5 with Firefox Browser.

Save File copies the Disk Image to your default download location. Most Users use the 'Downloads' Folder, but the Browser Preferences can be set to store in a different location. From there you can open the disk image anytime.

In Mac OS a progress time is displayed, followed by a blue arrow in your Browser:

The downloaded file displays in the Downloads window.
Click on filename.dmg icon to open the disk image directly and start installing now.
Click the Search icon to go to file location where you can open the .dmg file.

If Save is chosen, click the Downloads icon in the Dock and select the .dmg file:

When the disk image (.dmg) is opened it is mounted to the Desktop and launches.


Disk Image opens to display Read Me instructions for installation and the Installer application itself.

1. Double-click the and follow the prompts to install the Sassoon product Folder to your Macintosh HD/Applications Folder. This Folder contains your Licence Agreement, Help documents, backup copies of the fonts.

If using a Font Management application to control your fonts, you may Quit the Installer now. Point your Font Management application to this Folder and select fonts to install from either TTF or OTF Folder.

NOTE: whether installing using the app., manually installing, or using Font Management software, only ONE format of the fonts should be installed!

Otherwise, continue using the Installer and select only ONE font format; either OpenType-TrueType format (.TTF) or OpenType-PostScript (.OTF). Fonts will be installed at:

Macintosh HD/Library/Fonts/

Fonts are then ready for use in applications when they startup again.

If the wrong format of fonts has been installed, for example .TTF, those fonts must be uninstalled before installing a diiferent format such as .OTF.